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Escape From Tarkov
« on: December 08, 2019, 02:17:01 AM »
You few fellas see anything on this one? Just picked it up a few days ago...

Imagine GRAW - Now take away the Middle-Eastern War Aesthetic, and Add Russians (USA vs RU type deal).. make it *much* harder. Boom.

Main points with the game are that it's kind of like an RPG, in the sense you get to keep the gear you find in each map or "Raid" as it's called. There is no map to refer to, (unless you pull one up in the browser; which is NEEDED for new players, and even Vets) .. so you're semi blind to where/what is going on.

Checking your ammo consists of your character pulling out the mag, and giving it a 'once-over' .. with the game only telling you something like "About Half" or "Less than Full" etc etc...Same with being able to check if you have a round chambered... and say you're in a heavy situation..need to quick reload? You drop the mag on the ground, and have to remember to pick it up before you leave. Unless you have that mag/gun insured, you'll not be getting it back unless you buy another, or find one compatible.

ALL LOOT is important in some way or another..whether it be a task you need to complete, from one of the traders, or just a good item to collect/sell.

As a quick summary of what a Raid entails... you pick one of the available maps: To which you can play your Main character, OR you can play as one of the AI on the map to go against other players... You spawn in with whatever gear you give your character to take into the Raid (or random gear if you play AI) .. Roam around, try not to get shot.. loot loot loot loot, and get to one of the Extraction points appointed to you when you spawn.
Some extraction points have prerequisites to use them... But there's always 1 or 2 openly available; though more of a risk to travel to.
Cool thing is, if you play your character, OR the AI.. you get to keep any loot, and gear you find/gain after you Extract... further padding your in-game wallet, or gear.

Another really interesting side is the Guns themselves.. each gun you can completely disassemble... or, if you're slow on the bank-roll.. you can buy parts for guns (so long you know what parts are compatible for the gun in question) .. and slowly build them up for use. I'd say somewhere in the ballpark of 50~ guns..give or take a few. Pistols, Rifles, Long Rifles, Shotguns, DMR's, etc etc... lots and lots to ponder...not to mention, all of the types of healing items. Each one having a different use..

Could be a sweet game to get a group going, eh? :P

Sorry if this read was a pain... few beers in me after playing a match in Tarkov, lol.

Anyway, if you guys are interested I'll upload a video of me trying not to die.. Really cool, slow paced, tactical game. Enjoying it a lot.

Edit: Should start calling this Sub-Forum "zebra's Other Games" Lol! :)
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