Author Topic: Map update - Abbottabad, Alamo_2013, Drawing_Flies, New_Years_Day  (Read 964 times)


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worked on all four maps today. All are more random, some are harder with lower player count for more action, ditched some special forces on drawing_flies, fixed some vehicles that didn't move, and put Cornholio into the old maps that didn't have one. On Alamo_2013, I just removed the long delay at the beginning, nothing else, but that was the main reason for disliking that mission

abbottabad - new version 06-28-2021
alamo_2013 - new version 06-28-2021
drawing_flies  - new version 06-28-2021
new_years_day  - new version 06-28-2021

Abbottabad is 10 years old tomorrow!
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