Author Topic: Map Update - Last_Castle  (Read 1579 times)


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Map Update - Last_Castle
« on: March 24, 2019, 07:57:05 PM »
I never really found what crashed the map, but it hasn't crashed once in 10 tests at the area15 trigger where it always crashed last time we played it. I removed one 50 cal trigger from that event, so maybe that one was hosed. Or it only crashes when OG is online  ;)

So the changes go like this:

  • easier out of the building, but not a lot easier. This last version was already a bit easier
  • I added panhard spawns to give us something to blow up
  • I added smackdowns to have some surprises, but in 4 test games I haven't seen a single one, given they are all over the terrain and you don't walk through all the triggers every time, so even when they are active, you may not choose the route where the active zone is.
  • I added a Cornholio at the end. Watch for him at the rear entrance to the bunker.
  • I had our chopper fly off rather than explode. Needed a clean road for Panhards.


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