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New Map - ghetto_getaway-revisisted
« on: October 23, 2020, 07:57:26 PM »
since reloaded was the original, and since I didn't add, just remove and modify, this is a revisited version at best. I may unhinge the thing in a future custom mission, once I figure out some dak shadows that crept into a few of the shanties at the start of the current mission. Maybe because my PC fell asleep during the lightmap render. May have to repeat that to get the good old daylight into every corner.   

But back to the current mission: the crux of the map used to be the entry into the compound where the second tank sits on guard. That now triggers enemies before you have to show your ass, so no more suicide runs needed. And it's daylight!

No more special forces, even though they weren't out there in big numbers. About 1/3rd of the snipers randomly removed, so perhaps one day we can make it through the town, not just along the edges.

Still two tanks, one chopper, and a bunch of 50 cals. Tested 2 runs, both missions took about 75 kills to finish. Now we don't have to hate this map any longer :)

ghetto_getaway_revisited 10-23-2020

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