Author Topic: Map Update - Tango_Dont_Surf  (Read 886 times)


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Map Update - Tango_Dont_Surf
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:57:06 PM »
This map has always been somewhat of a basket case. This latest edit is version 4.0 of the original. I changed the entire script to get rid of the jammer stuff, plus make the randomizer more random like in recent map updates.

I kept the final approach heavy resistance, but now as a default and not as aggressive as in the past. Any route to zulu is ok now. All special forces have been retired, too.  The map will switch to medium at 3 players, hard at 7. In testing, I didn't get more than 145 kills on hard, and under 50 on easy. Should be about right for our mod weapons.

All the compositions are gone, as well as all the silly ocean wave sounds. Overall, the map is a little more lightweight, which I hope helps to stop the random crashes. All the AI was ok, nothing  in there that should have caused the crashes we saw in the past with medium and higher difficulty spawns.

Basically, if this one still crashes, it has to be a particular spawn of AI in a crazy location that causes the glitch, or it's just the terrain and then the place is basically useless. We'll find out soon

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