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New network for GRAW server


Hooked me up today - still using dual ISPs for a month in case they aren't rock solid. However, the numbers are good - see attachment

another screenshot of peak up (blue) and down (orange) speed on my router's monitor tab. Fast and solid ramp up to over 60 times the speeds we used to have. Any lag in the game from now will be a downstream issue, or CPU on the game server. In fact, the server may not even have a gigabit card. Have to check.

and with all that speed comes the risk of getting hacked... (hackers can do massive damage from a fast network).

I was going to do this router security review this weekend, but while reading some of the pointers, I bet others here can learn a little from this article - make your network safer, so my Hamachi connection to you doesn't get me owned one of these days :),news-19245.html

Interesting article. Did a quick skim.
I'm going to give that a read tonight when I have some time.


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