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After the "old" site disappeared, I thought the Community dissolved.
But I have the good surprise to see that TGP is back!

Glad to see you again gentlemen.
Hope you are all well?

Yea. It kind of sucked we lost the content of the old site. Thanks @godaddy

Those of us still here are doing well. I should let those who choose to reply themselves.  :)
I'm doing very well. The summer has been good here but coming to an end.

How have you been?

Hello Rick,

Nice to read you are doing very well.

How I have been?

Well, a lot of work and IRL obligations that let me no free time and got me away from video games.

But things are going slower now and I have time for me.
I have even built a gaming rig and tested two single player games...

But I miss our operations in GR:AW sometimes (I don't have my copy anymore).
I hope to live long enough to see a good Ghost Recon coming one day. Who knows... Breakpoint, is it you?

To be continued... :)

I'm not sure I'd pin my hopes on a good new Ghost Recon.
It's been 13 years sine the first one came out. The second one wasn't that good.
I think the last one, the name escapes me, was a third person game...

We'll see.

There's a name I haven't seen since I was a wee'lad :P

Alas, good to hear you're doing well Andre; much like myself..

Can't speak much for Alpha - he hasn't even joined the site yet.. As far as I know, he's been busy with work/children/home life much like the rest of us.. though I still see him pulling up some Single Player games here, and there.

As for the GRAW fiasco; the newest rendition of Ghost Recon games is going to be called "Breakpoint" .. a Third Person rendition of the series.. most likely following the models of Division, and the like.
I saw some game-play, and it looks OK.. but probably not the style of play you all remember.. nor myself.



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