Team/Clan Web Hosting
TheGamePlanet offers web hosting for an clan interested in running their own gaming related website. We do NOT use pop-ups or large in your face banner adds that pull the focus of the site away from your own content.

What You Get
What makes up different is that we will setup and assist you in getting the site up and running. If you don't know anything about domain names or web hosting then We can help. Our standard configuration includes 10GB of web space for your site and any files, 300GB of transfer to and from your site, 10 databases (forums) as well as email and ftp accounts. Your website will perform the same as the main TGP site you are now on and will not perform any slower.

Easy to control
Every site has the ability to login to a control panel that allows a user to do almost anything using a graphical point and click interface. This makes it easy to setup or remove email and ftp accounts, see site statistics on who’s visiting you and where they are coming from, manage your forums databases, make site backups, view your resources and much much more.

Your Sites Name
If you already own your own domain name or wish to purchase one from another company we can still host your site for you. Usually you can find a domain name for around $3-$10 a year depending on the type (.com .net .org).

We can do almost everything for you as far as the initial setup goes such as transferring site content, make backups, setup forums, create emails and ftp accounts. We can also troubleshoot database issue or any other site specific issues if the come up. We can also teach you how to maintain the website and forums after the initial setup so you can maintain and control it yourself.

In a situation where we need to cancel your service you will be given at least 30 days notice. We do not guarantee any up-time but generally we are well within the 99 percentile. We reserve the right to immediately stop service and remove any site that is not online multiplayer gaming related, hosting illegal content or running illegal activities by US laws.

If you are interested in applying for free hosting or if you have any questions please contact