LAN Equipment
Thinking of throwing a LAN party but the high costs of buying the networking equipment and the thought of making hundreds or thousands of feet of cable keeping you from moving forward? For the price of shipping which is a fraction of the cost to purchase, and the time you will save making cables, we will ship you everything you need and then you ship it back (small deposit required).

We need at least a couple months to prepare the equipment so please donít wait until last minute to inquire about the equipment. We ship the equipment a week before the LAN to give enough time for testing and shipping of any needed replacement parts. More information will be given at the time of inquiry.

Cisco 5500 Series Switches
Equipment include but are not limited to:
  • Support for 96 to 240 computers and/or servers
  • 10/100 Mbps connections with fiber backbone
  • Pre-configured Cisco 5505 or 5513 switch (actual models shown)
  • Everything needed for return shipping, including pre-paid postage labels
  • Pre-made cables for all the users and/or servers the switch needs to supports
To request a shipping quote for LAN equipment Please include your name and contact info, a rough guess at the number of people you think will attend the LAN (we send extra) and the date of the LAN.